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Footpath Volunteers

Our four teams of trained footpath volunteers liaise carefully with Bath & North East Somerset and South Gloucestershire councils to provide a professional standard of footpath maintenance and improvements. We have the enthusiastic support of the council Public Rights of Way Officers and their Rangers, having developed our expertise and purchased tools in order to be as self-sufficient as possible.

The four teams are:

  • The Bath Ramblers Maintenance (BRAM) Team (based on the Bath Group) who work on "heavy duty" tasks under the direction of Bath & North East Somerset Public Rights of Way Officers;
  • The BRAM Shears & Secateurs team monitor promoted routes in Bath & North East Somerset and clear minor vegetation;
  • The Southwold team work on "heavy duty" tasks under the direction of South Gloucestershire Public Rights of Way Officers;
  • The Kingswood team monitor some footpaths in part of South Gloucestershire and clear minor vegetation.

Also, members of Bristol Group occasionally do work for Bristol City Council on a less formal basis and members of Severnside Group are carrying out path surveying work for South Gloucestershire Council.

If you would like to get involved please contact the chair of the Avon Area Footpath Volunteers committee, Keith Weller.

Some examples of our work

The BRAM team installed a kissing gate to replace a stile in Keynsham and a bridge near Saltford:

       BRAM bridge


Members of the BRAM Shears & Secateurs team have each “adopted” a section of the 75 miles of promoted routes in Bath and North East Somerset which they continue to monitor and clear minor vegetation, like this area on the Limestone Link at Dunkerton Steps.



Members of the Southwold team put in some steps by the A36 at Buckover and cleared vegetation at Westerleigh.